Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The book began with Eden waking up and finding her at the home of Felix the owner of the jewelry shop she went into at the beginning of Becoming Calder. Felix surprised me with his kindness of offering his home and a job for Eden.
Then we found Calder consumed by guilt and grief but somehow found a way to survive with the help of his brother/best friend Xander. He convinced Calder that there must be a reason why he didn't die in that tragic flood in Acadia. He then told Calder to start drawing again and it might help him heal in some way.
I was so looking forward to the reunion scene, I honestly cant imagine how someone would write such scene with so much emotions coming from the characters. Believe me when I say Mia wrote the "perfect" reunion scene for Calder and Eden... i totally cried like crazy .... I felt like I was there witnessing Calder and Eden stare at each other not caring for the people around them. sooo good it hurts!!!
The characters are just amazing. There is an equal balance between the characters we love and characters we hate. I felt Mia wrote a realistic approach in terms of the characters reaction to a scene they are presented with, the emotion whether its hate, anger, love, protectiveness, longing, lust and desire. You are reading it and feeling like it is you talking, you listening, you acting each scene it is that intense and it is that beautiful and I love it.
I have to say my curiosity about cult leaders lead me to searching features and stories about them. Im totally devastated on how they were able to manipulate educated adults including their children and made them belief outrageous claims...someone even claimed he was Jesus and lived for 2,000 years. How insane is that. I just felt with what happened in the book is not far from reality and it pains me that those people might not be as lucky as Calder, Eden and Xander. Mia gifted us with a story that will make us realize how blessed we are ... in so many different ways.
How do you review a book written by an insanely good author with consistent high ratings? I mean really how do you review a Mia Sheridan book ? She never fails to surprise her readers with her talent and her stories. and to answer my previous question in my Becoming Calder's review.... reading another Mia Sheridan's book is the only way you can satisfy your need and want to sustain emotions that you will certainly be looking for after reading a book of hers. Her books are the true testament on how authors should be writing...its gets more epic each time. She always exceeded readers expectations and stunned us with stories we never bother to mind and raise our awareness.

The good news is both Becoming Calder and Finding Eden will be available October 5, 2014. So please clear up your calendar, ready your bed or couch for these books. Mia Sheridan is that generous to her readers not making them wait any longer for the second book. I don't think I can wait months.... I will go crazy!!!

This book deserves more than the star ratings I can give. I mean I will give my 5++ stars in an instant although I felt it is not enough. So, im gonna hand out by BEST 2 BOOK series of 2014, my EPIC read for the month and I may have gone crazy with my teaser pictures....read the book and trust me... you be making your own and hello picmonkey!!!
*ARC provided by Ms Mia Sheridan in exchange for an honest review***

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