Thursday, September 17, 2015


I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m on my knees before my master.

Some would say I should be ashamed.

Others might say I’m filled with sin.

I say I’m just a woman with unstoppable determination, doing whatever it takes to secure her freedom before the opportunity fades forever.

Nobody knows about us. Not my father, my three mothers, or my seven brothers and sisters.

I was bred to be chaste and true, expected to find a respectable polygamous man and carry on the tradition of our faith.

But this man? The one who owns me with biting kisses and the crack of a leather paddle? He might be the only thing that can save me.

Submission equals freedom. It’s an equation I never thought possible until the day Dane Townsend showed up in my life.

I’m Bellamy Miller, and this is what happens when an angel loses her wings. 

At the end of Arrogant Master, I was totally surprised how Bellamy felt like the villain turned hero. I mean the story focuses with Jensen and Waverly and oh boy it was seriously hot. But the story of Bellamy and the intriguing Dane Townsend left me in total anticipation for this book. 

We all met Bellamy in the first book, she was proper and made us all believe she is the perfect daughter. This book tell us how Bellamy got her work and what really happens when she leaves the house all the sneaking and secrets are finally revealed.

Now, Dane Townsend. The Mysterious Billionare Dom. What appeals to me about him is that he is a straight forward no bullshit type of guy. He gets what he wants. But I think the very important part of this book is that when he start feeling something for Bellamy and I myself love this. The game changer girl. 

I was given ARC for this book and when i finished reading this book, I sent Winter a message. Told her I want more chapters. I hope you agree with me. Even though the book itself is great but I want more. I just feel I cant have this story end. I love Dane and Im really hoping for more scenes with him and Bellamy especially like a normal couple. 

But over all this is a great read and a hot one! 

:ARC given in exchange for an honest review:

  I give 4 Spanking and Bending Stars!!!!

AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR Winter Renshaw recently celebrated her third 29th birthday. By day, she wrangles kids and dogs, and by night, she wrangles words. She loves peonies, lipstick, and balmy summer days. Chips and salsa are her jam, and so is cruising down the highway with the windows down and the air blasting while 80s rock blares from the speakers of her Mom-UV.

She would describe her writing style as sexy, conflicted, and laced with heart. Her heroes are always alpha and her heroines are always smart and independent. HEA guaranteed.

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